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Where it all began….

In 1981 John and Pat Kennedy commenced wheat and sheep farming at Corop in north central Victoria. They recall starting out with plenty of enthusiasm to give farming a go. In 1982 they ventured into growing tomatoes and our family still grow tomatoes for SPC in Shepparton.  
Kennedy Family

Our family is still growing tomatoes for SPC.

In 2001 John and Pat purchased land on the Mount Camel Range near Heathcote VIC. This land has been prized for cereal cropping and in later years much sought after for grape production. 
To learn more and view wine products please visit Kennedy Vintners.

John and Pat continue to be actively involved in the entire family farming operation. They share their wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience on a daily basis.

Kennedy Farm Produce was established in January 2018 by Emma and Sean Kennedy.

Our small business works with and complements the Kennedy family farming business established by Sean’s parents John and Pat Kennedy. 

Sean and I have an absolute passion for Australian made, owned and grown quality produce. This is something we strive to achieve every day. We sow, grow, hand pick/harvest and package everything we sell.

We want to share our best with you and provide an unique experience. We want to share our knowledge and passion.

We want to share our best with you...

We believe in celebrating the season and educating people about what produce is in season.  So much of the produce we see (particularly in supermarkets) is seemingly available all year round. As a result, it is so easy to lose track of seasonality. Fresh is best when it comes to taste and nutrition.

What We Grow

We are always ready for a challenge to grow new crops. Currently we grow tomatoes for canning, corn, chickpeas, lentils, wheat, canola, barley and faba beans as well as seasonal vegetables including eggplant, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, leek, spring onion, sliver beet herbs and chilli. What we grow depends on the season as well as demand therefore what we grow may change from season to season.
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Chickpeas and Red Lentils

Chickpeas and lentils are so healthy and versatile. They can be added to dishes across the seasons...


Kennedy Produce Corn RM-01-01

Popcorn on the Cob

Popping corn is a specific variety of corn, it is not sweet corn dried.
It does resemble sweet corn on the cob but only popcorn kernels have the ability to pop.


Kennedy Produce Eggplant RM-01

Seasonal Vegetables

We love growing a variety of vegetables to not only sell at farmers markets but also to enjoy our self.


Buy Direct from the Farm.

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Please note: Due to the current Victorian COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. We will be unable to send online orders until restrictions are lifted. Sincere apologies for any delay and inconvenience.

Our Stockists.

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Kennedy Farm Produce

Contact: Emma Kennedy
Phone: 0429 404 591

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Pop Corn in a cup

Make your party pop!

Looking for Events & Unique Gift ideas?
Have you thought about including our popcorn cob in a birthday party treat bag, as a #zerowaste alternative to bon bons at Christmas time or even a unique wedding favour??
Are you having a movie night or event? Please get in contact with us if you would like our fresh, locally grown kernels popping at your next event.

It's Simple To Create Your Own Popcorn!

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Interested in buying our fresh produce for your store, restaurant, cafe or commercial kitchen? We guarantee our products are the best quality and fresh because they never leave our hands after we grow them. Local farm. Local People. From our farm delivered direct to you.

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  • Thanks Emma for the superior service you provide. We ordered the popcorn cobs- they arrived quickly, well packed and oh wow, it was sooooo exciting for my kids to pop!! Very fresh light taste as well!! I looove how our kids can see where popcorn comes from and it adds that extra special excitement putting the cob in the microwave and having the popcorn come out- totally worth it seeing the awe on my kids faces! Would make fabulous presents/party favours!! Definitely going to order more! 😍
    Julie Facebook

  • Popcorn on the cob was amazing!! Great service! Love supporting Australian Farmers! Thanks again!

  • Fantastic produce every time!

  • Popcorn on the cob was amazing!! Great service! Love supporting Australian Farmers!

  • Popcorn on the cob was amazing!! Great service! Love supporting Australian Farmers!

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