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What we Grow

Chickpeas and Red Lentils

Chickpeas and lentils are so healthy and versatile. They can be added to dishes across the seasons, in soups, salads or dips, the list is endless.
Did you know you can freeze your cooked chickpeas or lentils? 
Why not try cooking a large amount, portion them up and freeze.
 This is a convenient way to have our fresh chickpeas and lentils ready to use in a flash. Its important for you to know while we are not a certified organic farm we do not desiccate our crops. Similarly to our popcorn they dry naturally in the sun before harvest.
Corn in field

Popcorn on the Cob

Popping corn is a specific variety of corn, it is not sweet corn dried.
It does resemble sweet corn on the cob in appearance and cultivation, although only popcorn kernels have the ability to pop.
Our popcorn is grown on our farm in Corop Victoria.
Each cob is dried in the paddock by the sun. It is then picked, cleaned and packaged all by hand on farm. 

Being a natural product, you will notice each cob is unique in shape and size. Some cobs will have a few missing kernels, this can occur during harvest. Sometimes kernels become loose and fall off or they are removed during cleaning. Some cobs will have a small area in which the kernels do not form. Each individual kernel must be pollinated, kernels that do not receive pollen will not fill out.

Kennedy Vegetables

Seasonal Vegetables

We love growing a variety of vegetables to not only sell at farmers markets but also to enjoy our self. You will also find our produce on the menu in some local venues around Echuca/Moama.
We love hearing about what our customers create with our fresh produce. We invite you to share your recipes and write a review on our Facebook page.
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